10 Best Hacking Apps for iPhone – 2023 Edition

The iPhone is in many ways the phone designed for your grandma to love. It has big colorful icons, not too many menus (like seriously, not even an app drawer), and it has been designed to be entirely virus-proof.

Best iPhone Hacking Apps

These are all things that actual tech fans are less thrilled about of course. And especially hackers. You see, thanks to Apple’s walled-garden approach and very tight control over the entire ecosystem, Apple is pretty hard to hack into.

Apple has added security layers, it restricts the apps you can install on the device, and it is pretty stringent about what makes it into the official store.

But nothing is impossible. And in fact, it might be Apple’s very naivety that ends up being its undoing. In this post, we’re going to look at the 10 best hacking apps for iOS – apps that run on iOS and that in some cases, will allow you to hack iOS.

Disclaimer: Before we proceed, we must first issue a caution: many of these apps and tools will require you to jailbreak your phone. In some cases, will leave you open to attacks as well. Continue with caution.

Second Disclaimer: We are not advocating malicious hacking practices. These apps are recommended for educational purposes, and for ‘ethical’ hackers.

10 Best iOS Hacking Apps

1. mSpy

mSpy is the No.1 monitoring & tracking software from which you can remotely supervise another smartphone activity while staying fully undetected.

Features which makes the mSpy tool special as it is are:

  • GPS location tracking
  • See all outcoming/incoming Calls
  • Messaging Apps chats monitoring (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Viber, SMS, Emails etc.)
  • Secret undetected supervising ability

To download mSpy click the button below.

Get mSpy Here

mspy rules

2. iRET

iRET is a reverse engineering toolkit. This means you can essentially break down how key aspect of the iOS ecosystem work, in order to better identify potential security floors and vulnerabilities. Among with other things, it comes with penetration testing, and handy automation tools to make this process easier. Pen testing is one of the most frequently used tools in a hackers arsenal, allowing them to look for vulnerabilities in any system.

But iRETdoes more than that. It also allows SQL injections and more.

3. Burp Suite

The weirdly named penetration testing works by capturing traffic on a network. This can be useful for inspecting traffic flows and also checking for vulnerabilities in your own system. You can configure iOS devices to work with Burp and install the Burp Suite Mobile Assistant.

4. NordVPN

If you’re going to be engaging in hacking of any sort, then chances are you’ll find yourself with a jailbroken iPhone sitting on public WiFi networks somewhere. This is how you can then ‘sniff’ out passwords from other devices.

The only downside, is that it also leaves you entirely vulnerable – both to malicious hacks and to being caught out. The issue is that public WiFi broadcasts in all directions, meaning that cookies and other data packets are literally flying through air (okay, not quite literally). By putting a modem into monitor mode, it’s possible to listen for this data (or sniff it) and then access others’ passwords.

A VPN gets around this problem by connecting to a remote server and then routing all web traffic through there. This means that your private details don’t need to be shared publicly. NordVPN is just one of several VPNs you can use to this end, but it’s a good one!

5. Cycript

Cycript has long been considered one of the most useful hacking tools on iOS. It essentially lets developers the ability to see more of the inner workings of running iOS programs. This in turn allows for SQL injections, and useful explorations in order to identify vulnerabilities.

6. Hopper App

The hopper app, or Hopper Disassembler, is another reverse engineering tool that allows you to decompile and debug applications. This again allows you to gain insider knowledge as to how an app works, as long as you have skills as a developer. The result is that you can better understand how the security systems work, and look for any potential flaws. You can also use this tool to extract procedural information like basic blocks and local variables – values that can control all kinds of elements of a program.

7. Myriam iOS Security App

This is a security app designed to teach ethical hacking and security. It is basically a platform that allows developers to test their skills on real iOS applications without the potential risks or challenges that come from actual testing. The challenges set are designed to provide a progressively more complex introduction to the world of hacking.

You’ll learn how to detect jailbreak, manage in-app resources, modify variables, authenticate apps, and much more.

8. Elcomsoft Phone Password Breaker

This device (rather than app) will allow you to download information remotely for any iOS device, essentially by mimicking that original device. It is reportedly used by a number of government organizations for national security purposes – but it’s also legally available!

As well as breaking passwords and decrypting iOS backups, it will also allow you to do similar things with Microsoft accounts and BlackBerry 10 backups.

9. xSellize Game Hack

So, this one is not a hacking app in that it allows you to hack other devices, but rather in that it will allow you to hack Apple’s own systems. Down with the man, and all that!

Whenever you jailbreak an iPhone or iPad – meaning that you are giving yourself root access and superuser control – you will automatically install Cydia. Cydia is a kind of black market ‘app store’ for downloading apps that aren’t available through official channels.

This is where you’ll get xSellize Game Hack. This basically allows you to play paid iOS games for free, and to download others without paying. It also comes with a huge number of pre-installed emulators and roms, providing you with an essentially endless supply of games!

xSellize Game Hack and other tools like it also serve as proof of what is capable for real hackers. This is a complete defeat for iOS security systems, showing that Apple’s code is certainly not bulletproof. Using reverse engineering tools and the Myriam iOS Security App, this is the kind of thing a smart coder could eventually create themselves.

10. iSpy

The iSpy app is a very useful ‘all-in-one’ solution for reverse engineering and the analysis of iOS apps. It has a very friendly web-based UI that has been designed to make it easier to hack a number of popular apps – such as the Calendar app, WhatsApp, Voice Memos and more.

Features include instance tracking, class dumps, and easy to use soft-breakpoints.

Closing Thoughts

As you can see then, the Apple ecosystem is not quite so impenetrable as you might have at first thought. That’s good news for hackers everywhere, but not such good news for Grandmas!

If you’re looking to get started as a hacker, then of course iOS is still not the best operating system to work with. Linus is by far the preference, and you can run this in a virtual environment on practically any Windows PC. Likewise, you can also find a lot of hacking apps for Android, which provide more control and features.

That said, no one suspects and iPhone – and that might make it the perfect tool. It’s small, it fits in a pocket, it can be taken anywhere, and it’s surprisingly powerful. And of course, the real secret to hacking – the real vulnerabilities – like in the wetware anyway. The human element.

What are some of your favorite hacking apps and tools for iOS? Be sure to share your suggestions in the comments section down below, and remember to act responsibly.

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