About Us

Ethical Hacking probably sounds like a scam at work, but it’s a fair term to define the work of people who are fed up with the endless stream of bullies online who can’t deal with the well-being of anybody who thinks differently from them. The team behind TaiaGlobal is here to help people who need guidance on how to protect themselves from these wrongdoers who get their kicks out of messing with people lives and the data they live online. Unethical hacking has ruined the lives of many people just for stating an opinion that rubbed someone the wrong way. It has made life unlivable for people who get doxxed or exposed for something that is often an honest mistake or lack of knowledge about Internet etiquette. TaiaGlobal is here to help you with that.

We can offer a lot of insight into the things that make the wheels turn on the internet. From tips to protect your passwords, to the slang used on many sites, as well as the ever contrived opinions that tend to ruffle the feathers of people online, so you can avoid these subjects or face them with assertiveness. The team at TaiaGlobal is also willing to offer tips and leads to the best software you can use to protect your identity and your data from anyone. Safeguarding your IP is especially necessary in the age of decentralized schemes to use third-party computers to mine cryptocurrencies. You will learn how to avoid this with us and how to be safe above everything else.