Hack Your Lost Snapchat Account Easily with SnapRipper App

Snapchat is definitely one of the hottest social media applications these days available for both iOS and Android phones. It allows you to chat with your friends through live stories and images.

Its popularity is due to its uniqueness from the other platforms evolving from a person-to-person sharing to the “stories” featured for a limited 24 hours. Right now, there are about 180 million people who are using Snapchat every day.

There are many tools available to reap the unlimited benefits of Snapchat, and on them is the SnapRipper, which gives features to hack or spy other Snapchat accounts by user’s choice.

The application’s name may be confusing, thinking that this is yet another Snapchat addon tool for influencers. Let us make it clear that this is not a pure hacker’s app. In fact, this tool will benefit many Snapchat users. It may be full of promises, but at the end of the review, one thing is clear, it delivers its promises.

What is the SnapRipper App?


The SnapRipper app is a hacking tool by its nature; But we have made this clear at the beginning of this article. Instead, this app will allow one to monitor the chat conversations in a Snapchat account. It’s something that the official Snapchat does not offer. This application is handy for parents who want to check on their child’s activity on the platform.
It will also benefit employers who wants to control their employees activity and see if they’re spending their work time progressively or having fun at browsing social media apps.

With many illicit activities going on in the internet, it is challenging for parents to look after their child’s welfare. With SnapRipper, they can look into the conversations going on this messaging app and flag any signs of harassment or bullying.

Another use of this tool is for people who are suspicious of the relationship partner’s activity. They can verify if he or she is cheating or not. It is a delicate situation, and some say that the less you know, the better. But for your peace of mind, it is better to know if your partner deserves you or not. It can be a deal-breaker, but definitely a win-win for you.

Recovering Your Password

A forgotten password is common. With many platforms and websites always asking for an account password, it’s easy to forget yours in Snapchat. The good news is that SnapRipper can recover your lost Snapchat password for you.

To do this, all you need to do is to choose the “Password Finder” option on the app, add your Snapchat account name and let the application do the rest. In a matter of minutes, you’ll have your password back.


The SnapRipper is an essential app for parents, employers, or a regular Snapchat user who lost access to their account. The internet is a treacherous place for our kids, and if we are not vigilant of their activities or they might be vulnerable to predators and bullies waiting for their next victim.