Suits and Spooks

The purpose of Taia Global’s Suits and Spooks conference is to bring members from the 16 agencies in the U.S. Intelligence Community together with innovators and executives from the private sector representing a wide variety of disciplines (technology, finance, entertainment and science) for two days of frank discussions, challenging perspectives, and collaborative problem solving.


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“SNS provides a first-class forum to openly (and professionally) debate cyber security policy issues.  Everyone benefits from hearing all sides of the issues and, correspondingly, leave with new perspectives.” – Robert Bigman, former CISO, Central Intelligence Agency

“One of those rare conferences where even the speakers learn something new.”
- Stewart A. Baker, former General Counsel, National Security Agency; former Ass’t Secretary for Policy, Department of Homeland Security

“Suits and Spooks provided a unique forum for discussing the hard, unanswered questions with leading technical and policy experts.”  - Jim Denaro, founder of CipherLaw

“SNS provided a spotlight into the evolving edge of cyber.” – Greg Hoglund, former founder, CEO of HBGary, Inc.

“Suits & Spooks brought together that right mix of backgrounds that allowed for informed discussion on the challenges of employing offensive techniques in support of defensive measures.  The networking alone made this conference worth being there.” – Jim Butterworth, Commercial Chief Security Officer, HBGary, Inc.

“The most interesting, provocative, lively discussion of cyber conflict issues I’ve seen. And that’s my layman’s view.” – Tom Gjelton, National Public Radio

“In an industry where conferences have become loud, commercial affairs, I’m always on the lookout for something new. That’s what attracted me to ShmooCon and B-Sides. Suits and Spooks may well take the cake.” - Bill Brenner (Managing Editor, CSO)

 “It’s extremely unique. The most interesting line-up of speakers ever!” - Ben Milne, Founder, CEO of Dwolla

 “Definitely obsessed with some of the brains in the room I’m speaking with today.” – Janina Gavankar, actress (HBO’s True Blood)

“DC could use more artists giving us advice. Janina rocked Suits and Spooks (and liked one of my ideas)!” – Dr. Mark Drapeau, Microsoft



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